Your potential is unlimited, YOU are limitless.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a huge shift in the fitness industry and how and where people are working out. When Covid-19 first hit in March 2020, like the rest of the country, gyms were shut down leaving the nation gutted and forced to either take a break from the gym or try to work out in their own homes with fairly limited equipment and space. This situation was far from ideal and many people either simply took a gym “sabbatical” or frantically scoured the web for “home gym equipment”.

Ironically, as gyms shut down more people than ever took to exercise as a coping mechanism for getting through the pandemic. Searches for ‘keeping fit at home’ increased 2456% on 2019, whilst the sales of weight benches skyrocketed by 4130%. We were working out all over the house, kitchens, living rooms, gardens – anywhere we could find space.

The Perfect Home Gym

But creating the perfect home gym hasn’t been easy. Anyone who tried to buy equipment online at the height of the pandemic knows how tough it was. The increased demand for home workout equipment meant that getting your hands on even just a pair of 1kg dumbbells became a challenge. And when it came to larger equipment, if you could get a bar, you couldn’t get weights and if you could get weights, they most likely weren’t heavy enough. As a result, people were struggling to achieve their fitness goals and maintain what they had worked so hard for in the gym.

There’s finally some light at the end of the tunnel as lockdown looks to end and gyms finally have started opening up again. However, 76% of UK consumers who were doing home workouts during the pandemic have said that they plan to continue doing their exercise at home. With no travelling, no more standing around waiting for equipment to free up and the added bonus of being able to workout at any time of the day, it’s no wonder why people aren’t returning to the gym. But the lack of quality equipment at home still remains a dilemma for many.

Why We Train Limitless?

That’s where We Train Limitless come in. The Limitless Free Trainer [Link to Free Trainer product page] is the world’s most versatile home gym and is the only piece of equipment you’ll need. Whether your focus is HIIT, strength, or cardio, with the Free Trainer your potential is unlimited, you are limitless.

In an ideal world, when creating a home gym, we want the same results that we’d get in a regular gym. But, to achieve that surely you need lots of space to work out and store equipment? In a 1 bed city centre apartment you’ve not exactly got the room for a squat rack, leg press and a cable machine. With its sleek design, the Free Trainer fits in to even the smallest of homes, folding away to just over half the space of a Peloton bike, allowing you to keep you home free from the clutter of a typical home gym.

And no matter where you are on your fitness journey, if you’re complete newbie or an avid weightlifter, the versatility of the Free Trainer integrates hundreds if not thousands of exercise options to help you achieve your goals anytime, anywhere. Whatever your ability, the Free Trainer has support and stability built in, allowing you to safely get started on your fitness journey. You can also download the free Train Limitless app [Link to app info] to guide you through over 100 exercises and tailor make your workouts to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to train your legs, arms or abs, the app incorporates exercises including fly’s, deadlifts, presses, dips, rows, curls and squats to help you get the most out of your Free Trainer.

Maximum Output Minimal Time

So how much time would you need to do an effective workout on the Free Trainer? Good question! After the crazy events of the past year, we know that time is more precious than ever. As social plans begin to pick up again, we find ourselves back in the habit of juggling full-time jobs and maintaining hectic social lives and it’s easy to let making time for exercise slip. The Free Trainer has been designed so that even the shortest workouts still have a huge impact with the capability to burn up to 30 calories a minute. So, in just 10 minutes on the Free Trainer, you could be burning 300 calories. And if that wasn’t good enough, the flexibility of the Free Trainer gives you the ability to work out with a friend or partner. As each arm can be loaded with up to 50kgs of weights you no longer have to choose between exercise or social life – you can combine the two!

How does the Free Trainer work?

It’s really easy to use, even if you’ve never picked up any gym equipment before. The Free Trainer has two 360 degree pivoting arms, each weighing 7.5kgs, that can be loaded up with standard Olympic weights/ plates to give you an effective workout. The pivoting arms can be switched up easily to fix at the top or bottom of the frame depending on which areas you want to work out, whilst also stabilising your workouts for a safe but challenging training session.

Real Results for Real People

We’re a little biased at We Train Limitless but with no monthly fees or long-term subscriptions, it’s a no brainer. With the Free Trainer you get true value for money and we guarantee it won’t be just another piece of equipment tucked away in the corner gathering dust (or clothes!). The Free Trainer produces real results for real people, allowing you to take your fitness to the next level, but don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself.