This is Home Gym Equipment redefined. Stay motivated and smash your goals with world’s most effective Home Gym



Work out whenever, wherever and however you like without the need to travel to and from the gym. Add the Free Trainer to your existing workout to supercharge your results.



No monthly fees, no long term subscriptions and absolutely zero hidden costs. Guaranteed for a lifetime the Free Trainer is made to last.

300 Calories

in 10 minutes

Burn 300 calories in 10 minutes, work with your body weight, light or heavy weights - no need for 90-minute work outs or 60 minute runs – get the burn and the results you want without long, stressful sessions.

Made for

every home

With a 55% smaller footprint than Peloton bikes the Free Trainer folds away into any corner of your home, keeping your private spaces clean and clutter free.

Ready to smash your goals out of the window?

We’re here to help you not just achieve your goals but to reach incredible new levels of fitness, lose weight, get the shape you want and of course build a strong, healthy body and mind. We’re for everybody and every body that wants to smash their fitness goals no matter what your shape, fitness level, motivation or time constraints, We Train Limitless are here to help you get the most out of your body

Train Limitless at home

Forget the hassle of getting to the gym, at We Train Limitless we believe that anywhere can be a gym. No more 60 minute round trips just getting to and from the Gym before you’ve even started your workout. The Free Trainer is designed for your home and your workout at just 0.67m2 the Free Trainer fits comfortably into even the smallest of spaces.


The Limitless Free Trainer is the world’s only Free Training machine, a revolutionary way to work out at home. The two, free moving arms, fixed to a secure, stable base unit enable complete freedom of movement. Work Arms, Legs, Chest, Abs, Back, Shoulders, Glutes or any combination you choose with the intuitive Free Trainer.

Train Limitless in just 10 minutes a day

For too long we’ve been led to believe that you have to work out for an hour and a half to see results which just isn’t practical for everyone with busy lives, work and family. It doesn’t have to be that way.

How long do you spend working out each week? An hour, two, three? More? The Free Trainer’s innovative and patented design means just 10 minutes a day could burn as many calories as a 3-mile jog or a 40-minute spin class – yes really click here to see how! Train with or without weights up to 115kg for a truly personalised workout that delivers maximum impact every time.

Train Limitless your way

Work with your body, wherever you are on your fitness journey. The Free Trainer gives you complete flexibility of movement with support and stability built in. Tailor make your workout every single time with the limitless combo of exercises at your fingertips. Each arm includes 3 multi grips and secure weight loading to reduce strain and tension on your joints and ligaments giving you fluidity of movement every time.

Want to turn up your HIIT routine?
Change positions and plates in seconds

Want to turn up your Cardio?
Add dynamic movement and increase your heart rate for maximum impact

Want to turn up your strength?
Target key areas and muscle groups with additional weights

Whether you’re just getting started, pushing through your plateau, training alone or training together the Free Trainer is your complete Home Gym.

one machine – limitless exercises

Designed to be the ultimate in Home Gym Equipment and versatile enough to cater for even the most demanding workout, no wonder it’s recommended by Sporting Elites like Gareth Barry and Ian Bell. The Free Trainer combines the functionality of many traditional gym machines and equipment. From Shoulders and Chest to Back, Arms, Legs and Abs – the Free Trainer’s unique functionality allows you to do flys, deadlifts, presses, dips, rows, curls and even squats. It’s a full body work out with built in isolation at your fingertips – all on one world class Free Trainer.

“It gives me so many options. Absolutely love it and couldn’t recommend it highly enough”

Accelerate your workout

Even the most dedicated of us can get stuck at a plateau – whether it’s making time getting to the gym, lack of variation in your routine or a dip in motivation it can stop you from reaching your personal goals.

The Free Trainer with literally limitless exercises helps keep you motivated and your work out both varied and effective, mix it up with the bench and rack or go freestyle and watch the results. The simple and ultra-effective Free Trainer grows with you without the need for additional, costly equipment – it’s your all in one key to accelerating your performance, gains and weight loss in one.