A Complete guide to your Free Trainer home workout

If you haven’t heard already, the Limitless Free Trainer is by far most diverse piece of at home gym equipment, giving you the ability to not only smash your fitness goals, but take them to new levels. With the Free Trainer you can work out arms, legs, abs, back and shoulders easily and quickly all from the comfort of your own home, burning around 300 calories in just 10mins. Whether you’re looking for a HIIT, Strength or a Cardio workout, the Free Trainer smoothly switches positions, giving you ultimate freedom and flexibility in your home workouts.

Using a mix of body weight and weights of up to 115kg, the Free Trainer caters to even the most demanding of workouts by combining the functionality of traditional gym machines and equipment in to one limitless trainer.

We Train Limitless App

At We Train Limitless, we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Free Trainer, that’s why we have developed the Train Limitless app. The free app gives you unlimited access to a limitless combination of exercises that can be carried out using any of the We Train Limitless products. Whether you’re focusing on full body workouts or isolated exercises, the app has it all. Tailor your workouts to suit your needs and ensure you’re using the equipment correctly and safely.

Whilst the app features exercises that can be done for both the Limitless Challenger [link to the challenger product]and the Limitless Free Trainer, we’re focusing on the Free Trainer. Below we’ve put together a complete guide to your Free Trainer home workout, highlighting each area of the body and how the Free Trainer can be used to work out that area. And, whilst we’re on the topic, we’ve selected some our favourite exercises from the app for you to try too.

Home Workouts for your Back

Working on your back muscles not only strengthens the muscle but in turn prevents injury and back ache – sounds a dream right! Whether it’s lats, traps or rhomboids you’re focusing on, the app includes several exercises to help your target these muscles. From underarm rows to chest supported rows, the Free Trainer has can be adapted to give you the results you want. We recommend trying these: [Include images for each exercise]

Under arm rows

Landmine row

Bent over rows

Home Workouts for your Legs

Getting an effective leg workout done at home can be a challenge, with limited equipment we’re left with no option but to use body weight. Regular squats and lunges have their benefits for sure, but there’s only so far you can take them without additional equipment. With the Free Trainer we’ve incorporated some weight-based leg exercises, so you won’t have any excuse to skip leg day again. Why not try: [Include images for each exercise]

Assisted Goblet Squat

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Alternate Lunge and Press

Home Workouts for your Arms, Shoulders and Chest

Working on your upper body is crucial to any workout, from improved heart health to better posture, the benefits of working your upper body are endless. A little strength training in the upper body can also have a positive impact in your performance in other sports such as swimming and tennis, as well as keeping your bones healthy as you get older. If you love working out this area, then you’ll love the different exercises the Free Trainer has to offer. The variety of presses, dips, delt fly’s and bicep curls means you’ll never get bored during a workout. Here are some exercises you can try: [Include images for each exercise]


Reverse Bicep Curl

Chest press


I’m sure at some point in our lives we’ve all wanted a six pack, or at least joked about having one. With the Free Trainer, achieving a six pack suddenly seems possible. Forget the sit ups and crunches you’ve been told will help tone your abs, and instead try incorporating the exercises featured in the app into your workout to take it to the next level – thank us later. These are out favourite ab burners: [Include images for each exercise]


Plank Twist

Press up and row

Home Workouts for your Full Body

You’re running late, got a million things to do and have very little time to cram in a workout, if any at all. We get it. But with the potential to burn 300 calories in 10 mins, do you really not have time for a quick workout? You could try a full body workout in this time, and tick off all the muscle groups in one swift workout. Full body workout benefits not only help maximize calorie burn for weight loss but also create lean muscle mass. All you need to do is quickly fire up the app and select a few exercises to try. Better yet, to save you time, we’ve picked them out for you: [Include images for each exercise]

Jumping Jacks

Press up and row

Burpee clean and press

Your Home Workout Sorted

The point is, the Free Trainer is versatile, and the only piece of home gym equipment you’ll need. Regardless of which part of the body you’re focusing on, using this home workout guide, the Free Trainer can be adapted to work out every area, quickly and easily. With endless options and combinations, the Limitless Free Trainer and the We Train Limitless app can be used together to give you the ability to reach your fitness goals without limits. The Free Trainer is compact by design so fits in to your home, letting you get the results you want without long trips to the gym and waiting around for equipment. See what some of our users have to say and check it out for yourself.