Real People, Real Experiences – My Experience on the Limitless Free Trainer

I was lucky enough to recently be offered the chance to train with Ricky Lee, founder of We Train Limitless on his innovative piece of home gym equipment – the We Train Limitless Free Trainer. Defined as ‘The world’s most effective home gym equipment, the Free Trainer is designed for everybody and every body.

I am a 5ft, 31-year-old female, with a petite frame and most of my workouts revolve around Barre or doing a HIIT workout in the comfort of my living room. So for me, experiencing the Free Trainer was something completely new to me. I’ve heard so many great things about the Free Trainer, not only is it made for all body types and all levels of fitness, but with advocates such as England Cricketer, Ian Bell and celebrity PT, Matt Kendrick – I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

Why the Free Trainer?

First of all, what drew me to this gym equipment was the fact that I could, if I wanted to, install this in my small city apartment. I always joke to my friends and family about how small my apartment is, but with the Free Trainer being designed to take up less space than a Peloton bike (55% less footprint to be exact), I feel pretty comfortable that I could fit this into my living space without it feeling cluttered.

Secondly, and I’m sure many people would agree, post lockdown life has been pretty hectic and fitting in workouts has slipped down the priority list slightly. Finding the time to work out has been a struggle, but again – just 10 minutes on the Free Trainer can burn up to 300 calories. Finding 10 minutes of a day to work out is a lot easier than an hour and for that reason alone, I was sold.

A Unique Home Gym Experience

I headed over to We Train Limitless HQ to meet Ricky and before we got started he did a run through of the Free Trainer and explained to me exactly why it is so unique. The Free Trainer consists of two 360 degree pivoting arms, on their own each weighing 7.5kgs and can be plated loaded up to 50kgs each for a total lifting weight of 115kgs. The arms can be fixed at the top and bottom of the frame to switch seamlessly between upper, lower and core body workouts, giving you the ability to isolate muscle groups if you wanted. You can also do full body workouts on the Free Trainer and carry out different types of workouts, from HIIT and Cardio, to Strength and Conditioning.

The arms themselves also have fully rotating handles, which is a major advantage as it takes the pressure off the wrists, particularly between transitions and demonstrates how the Free Trainer works with your body for a seamless workout.

Once we were ready to go, I explained to Ricky the types of workouts I had done before. Having done Barre classes for the past 7 years, a low impact, high-intensity workout technique combining elements of Ballet and Pilates in a way that is designed to strengthen your body, we agreed we would do some exercises focused on arms, core, and legs.

Let’s Get Exercising!

The first exercise we tried was a single leg deadlift which focuses on the core muscles whilst also working the leg that you are standing on. I was curious to see how this worked and whether the pivoting arms would be an issue, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to complete the exercise with the weight of the arm and that it actually added stability to the deadlift, allowing me to lift my leg higher for a more impactful workout.

We also tried out some weighted squats, for this Ricky joined me and we both took an arm each. Another great point to add here is that you can work out alone on the Free Trainer or grab a friend, and each take an arm for a joint workout. I found this particularly good as I was able to follow along with Ricky through the exercise to ensure I was doing it correctly and ensure that my form was good. Again, the flexibility of the arms enabled us to squat with the weight of the arm adding in the extra bit of resistance. By this point, my legs were definitely starting to feel it.

On to the Arms

So, giving the legs a break, we tried some overhead presses. Now let me just say, don’t underestimate the weight of the arms without weights. I thought this would be quite easy, but having only really used 5kg dumbbells before, I was wrong. This move was definitely a burner, but the arms moved freely with me throughout as a dumbbell would.

Another joint exercise we tried was some overhead arcs, again taking an arm each, you extend your arms overhead from side to side, lowering yourself on each side. This was a great arm and shoulder workout which really showcased the rotation and movement of the arms.

And finally, just to get the heart rate up, the last exercise I tried was a jump to the side whilst holding an arm with an added squat on landing. As this is a functional movement and required a bit more space, we moved the one arm out to the side (thanks to the pivoting movement this was super easy). The movement was more explosive and if I wanted to, I could have done overhead punches with the arm for an extra burn – but to keep things simple (and the fact I was definitely feeling it at this point), I stuck to the initial exercise. After 10 reps my heart rate was definitely up!

In Conclusion

It’s the day after and I can feel that I got a good workout in. Even though I just tried 5 exercises on the Free Trainer, it demonstrated to me that even in such a short space of time you can get a completely effective full-body workout done on this magical piece of gym equipment. For anyone who struggles with getting to the gym or prefers home workouts, I highly recommend the We Train Limitless Free Trainer. Not only is it time and space-saving, but it gives you a complete gym workout from the comfort of your home and allows you to take your workouts to the next level. With the Free Trainer, you can become limitless!

Find out more: https://wetrainlimitless.com/your-free-trainer/